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Q: Who is the boy that never grew up?
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Who is the boy who never grew up and had to fight a mighty one handed pirate?

Peter Pan.

When Peter Pan grew up?

He never grew up.

Who never grew up?

me! lol

Was Benedict of Nursia a monk or a priest?

As a young boy, he grew up as a Christian boy. Then his parents sent him to be taught in Rome. He grew up with wild and drunk students but he still prayed and stuff. He was the Father of the Monastic Communities in the west. . St. Benedict of Nursia was a monk, he was never ordained a priest. See his life at the link below.

How did francisco vasquez de coronado grow up?

he grew up as a poor poor boy

Where did soulja boy meet Arab?

in school in 9th grade not 7th soulja boy grew up in Chicago Illinois

How many pages does The Boy Who Grew Flowers have?

The Boy Who Grew Flowers has 32 pages.

How did Samuel grow?

Samuel grew up as a boy inthe temple with the priest Eli.

When was The Boy Who Grew Flowers created?

The Boy Who Grew Flowers was created on 2005-10-05.

When was The Boy Who Grew Too Fast created?

The Boy Who Grew Too Fast was created in 1982.

Was Henry fonda a Boy Scout leader?

Yes, he grew up in Chicago and sources say he was a Boy Scout in Chicago in his youth.

A character from fiction who never grew up?

flat character