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Christopher Guyhard (Which is Called Ode to Joy)

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Q: Who is the composer of the European Anthem?
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Who is the composer of the Chinese national anthem?

Nie Er.

Who is Nieh Erh?

Composer of China's national anthem

What are the lyrics for the European anthem?

The Anthem of Europe (anthem for the European Union) is simply just an instrumental version of Ode to Joy.

Who is Zubar Said?

An composer who composed Singapore national anthem.

Who is the composer of original national anthem for South Africa?

it;s Enoch Sontonga

Who is Aref Al Sheikh Abdullah Al Hassan?

Composer of UAE national anthem

Who is the composer of party rock anthem?

Stefan Kendal Gordy (RedFoo: The one with the afro) From LMFAO

Who wrote long live Spain the national anthem?

The Spanish National Anthem is La Marcha Real. No one knows who the composer was and it is one of the few Anthems that does not have words.

Who is the singer of star plus anthem song?

singer of the song is Master Saleem... and the composer of the of the is Vishal Bharadwaj...

A composer considered by many to have been the greatest European composer of all time?

Ludwig Van Beethoven

The European Union has its own flag anthem and day?


Who composed Canada's national anthem?

the original composer of Canada's national anthem (Ocanada) is. . . . . Calixa Lavallee! ( clap clap clap ) please comment! epsecially Canadians! <3 u