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James Scullin, was the first Catholic Prime Minister Of Australia.

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Q: Who is the first Catholic prime minister?
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Who was the first Prime Minister of Newfoundland and Labrador?

The Prime Minister of Newfoundland is the Prime Minister of Canada, currently Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party.The actual post Prime Minister of Newfoundland was abolished in 1934.

First french Canadian prime minister?

Though the first native-born Canadian Prime Minister from French Canada was John Abbott, he was a Freemason and tried to get the United States to Annex Canada, so we won't count him. Wilfrid Laurie, who served as Prime Minister of Canada from 1896-1911, was the first francophone Prime Minister and took conciliatory steps between French and English Canada. I think he's your best bet.Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Who was the first president of Cambodia?

Hun Sen is the Prime Minister of Cambodia. Hun Sen has been the Prime Minister of Cambodia since 1998 November 30.Hun Sen was the Chairmen of the Council of Ministers in the People's Republic of Kampuchea from 1985 January 14 to 1989 May 1. During this time, Vietnam began to withdraw from the area. In 1989, Kampuchea was changed to the State of Cambodia, making Hun Sen the Chairmen of the Council of Ministers in Cambodia. On 1993 July 2, Hun Sen began sharing the position of Prime Minister with Prince Norodom Ranariddh, but on September 21 of that year, the Prince asserted his superiority, making himself First Prime Minister, and Hun Sen Second Prime Minister.On September 24, The Kingdom of Cambodia was restored, with Norodom Sihanouk being restored as King, with Norodom and Ung Huot sharing First Prime Minister status with Hun Sen remaining as second prime minister. This continued until 1998 November 30, when Hun Sen once again became prime minister.

Was John Major the Prime Minister of US?

No, John Major was the Prime Minister of the UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

How many times was Harold Wilson prime minister?

Harold Wilson was prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1964 to 1970 and from 1974 to 1976.

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Is Italy's prime minister catholic?


Who was the first prime minister of Alberta?

John.A.Macdonald was the first prime minister of Canada

Was Walesa a president or a Prime minister?

Wales has a Prime Minister, who is called a First Minister, to distiguish them from the British Prime Minister.

Who was the first prime minister of Blangladesh?

Tajuddin Ahmad was the First Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

Who was first prime minister in india?

Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India.

Who was John A MacDonald?

He was the first prime minister of Canada.

Was there a Catholic Australian Prime Minister?

Yes, Paul Keating .

Who is the First Prime Minister of Scotland?

The current First Minister is Nicola Sturgeon.

Who was the first Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia in1901?

The first Australian Prime Minister was Edmund Barton. There was no deputy Prime Minister. This was a title that was only officially created in 1968.

Who is the First Deputy Prime Minister for Tajikistan?

Abdyrakhman Mamataliev is the Deputy Prime Minister for Kyrgyzstan.

Who was the first prime minister of Asia?

Asia is a continent and does not have a prime minister.

Who is Scotland's prime minister in the year 2014?

Scotland does not have a Prime Minister. It has a First Minister. In 2014, Alex Salmond is the First Minister of Scotland.