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Megan is the narrator of The Three Century-Woman.

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Q: Who is the narrator in the three century woman?
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Is the narrator inside the story of three century woman?

it is about a three century great grandma who is being reported by the news cast and she lies to them about everything.

Is the narrator in the three century woman inside or outside the story?

Can be either, depends on point of view written from

What is the narrator on the three century womans?

Megan is the narrator.

What is a three century woman?

A three century woman is a woman that lived in the period of three centuries. An example would be born in 1898/9 and lived through the 20th century and then to die in the 21st century in 2001 or later.

What are some Clues that indicate the point of view in the three century woman?

In "The Three Century Woman," clues that indicate the point of view include the use of first-person pronouns such as "I" and "me." Additionally, the narrator's personal reflections and thoughts on the elderly woman's life experiences reveal a subjective viewpoint. The shifting perspectives between past and present also provide insight into the narrative viewpoint.

When does the story take place three century woman?

In the 21st century

How old is Megan from the three century woman?


Who wrote three century woman?

Richard Peck

Is the setting realistic or imaginary in three century woman?


How can you tell that The Three-Century Woman is a work of fiction?


What is the setting in the three century woman?

under a oak tree

What is the conflict in The Three Century Woman?

megan did not like her grandmother