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baba amte

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Q: Who launched the bharat jodo andolan of 1985?
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This cannot be answered at this time. You will have to write this in English before I can answer this.

What has the author Mitsuyuki Ishida written?

Mitsuyuki Ishida has written: 'Nihon jodokyo no kenkyu' -- subject(s): Jodo (Sect)

What groups of Buddhism lasted in Japan?

There are many groups of Buddhism in Japan today. The main ones are the Pure Land Buddhism (Jodo shu and Jodo Shinshu) and Nichiren Buddhism. There is also Zen (Soto and Rinzai are the main ones), Tendai and Shingon. Many new religions also are based on Buddhism.

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What are denomiantions of Buddhism?

As far as I can tell from my textbook "4th Edition Experiencing the World's Religions: Tradition, Challenge, and Change" Written by Michael Molloy. Diagram is on page 161. The Denominations are: Buddhism ..Theravada ..Mahayana ....Zen/Chan ....Nichiren ....Jodo/Jingtu (Pure Land) ....Tendai ....Shingon (This is under both Mahayana and Vajrayana) ..Vajrayana ....Tibetan ....Shingon (This is under both Mahayana and Vajrayana) In my textbook this is shown as a tree starting with the 2 periods branching off of Buddhism and the 4 periods branching from the 2 period denomination they are under.

Hindi sanskrit or angreji bhasha ka mahatva?

Hindi, Sanskrit aur Angreji bhasha ka mahatva unki bhaasha aur sanskriti ko samjhaane mein hota hai, vyaktitva vikaas me sahaayak hoti hai aur saamaajik jodo ko majboot karti hai. Ye bhashaye aam logon ko ek doosre ke saath samvaad karne aur apne vichaar vyakt karne ka madhyam bhi banati hai.

Which form of Buddhism stresses salvation by faith in Amida?

I think you are talking about Jodo Shinshu a school of Pure Land Buddhism. Wikipedia under the Shinran(the founder of Jodo Shinshu) topic says"Pure Land School of Buddhism encouraged its practitioners to rely on the vow of the Buddha Amitabha (Sanskrit, Amida in Japanese) to save all beings from suffering. According to three particular sutras Amitabha vowed to ensure that anyone who chanted his name would be reborn in his Pure Land of Sukhavati (Sanskrit, lit. Land of Bliss) and once there would easily be able to gain enlightenmnent, because they would not be hindered by the problems of day to day life... He taught that awakening to the saving grace of Amida Buddha is the central matter. Continuous chanting of the nembutsu (namu amida butsu) , is not necessary, as Hōnen, his mentor, had believed. Instead, Shinran taught his followers that the nembutsu should be said as a form of gratitude rather than a way of achieving rebirth in the Pure Land. Faith in Amida Buddha would lead to a deep spiritual awakening, called shinjin, which severs the practitioner forever from birth and death in the world of samsara, and erases karma accumulated through many rebirths. Shinran taught that the advantage of the Path of the Nembutsu can be experienced here and now. The arising of shinjin also assures the devotee of birth in the Pure Land, and the attainment of enlightenment there."

What is the religon of Japan?

Shintoism, and Jido Shinsu Buddhism. Shintoism is an animist religion, tied into the founding of Japan and the imperial house. For those who identify as Buddhist rather than Shinto, they mostly align with the Jodo Shinsu sect, part of the pure land Buddhist school of Mahayana Buddhism. However, Japan is a secular nation, with the religion being viewed as a kind of good luck practice rather than guiding their lives. The equivalent of reading your horoscope, you would perform a little buddist rite or donate to a Shinto shrine for good fortune, not truly believing in it.