Who lived in the Tintern Abbey?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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I don't know. But Allen Ginsberg took an acid trip there in 1967

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Q: Who lived in the Tintern Abbey?
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When was Tintern Abbey created?

Tintern Abbey was created in 1131.

Where could one find 'Tintern Abbey'?

There is one place where one could find Tintern Abbey. One could find Tintern Abbey in Wales in the city of Monmouthshire. Tintern Abbey was built in the year 1131.

Wordsworth visit Tintern Abbey with whom?

with whom wordworth visit tintern abbey

When was Tintern Abbey - poem - created?

Tintern Abbey - poem - was created in 1798.

What is the theme of tintern abbey?


What are the romantic elements in a few miles above tintern abbey?

What are the romantic elements found in "A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey?

What are The figures of speech of tintern abbey?


Where was Tintern Abbey built?

hi, Tintern Abbey is in Saltmills South Wexford Ireland and there's another in Wales which i no nothing about. hope this helps you. bye

A medieval monastry that you can do a report on?

Tintern Abbey is interesting.

What genre of literature is Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey?

"Tintern Abbey" belongs to the poetry genre. It deals with the ruins of an abbey located in Wales. Wordsworth was very interested in the natural world and often used it as a metaphor in his poetry.

When was tintern abbey built?

It was founded by Walter de Clare in 1131

Who wrote poem 'tintern abbey'?

The Poem "Tintern Abbey", or more aptly "Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey", was written by the Romantic Poet William Wordsworth "Upon revisiting the banks of the (River) Wye during a tour, 13th July 1798" (The first visit was made FIVE years ago and when Wordsworth "revisited" the place, he wrote this poem.) Hope it was useful!