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Tycho Brahe (pronounced Tyco Bra) invented the sextant and was an important pre-telescopic astronomer. He was the general honcho of the Uraniborg observatory on one of the Danish Islands. Using advanced measuring instruments for the time ( roughly Elizabethan period) Tyco and his aides studied and tracked star positions and also discovered a nova as we now call it in the Crab Nebula, visible in Daylight. Johannes Kepler, Tycho"s top aid and successor, went on to use the New-fangled telescope commencing about l609 Technically the Uraniborg estabolishment was under a sort of Crown Charter of the Danish Monarch, but in practice Tycho Brahe"s observatory. does this answer your question? we used to thik it was funny a man with a last name like Female articles invented the SEXtant, note emphasis!

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Q: Who ordered the first observatory in Europe to be built?
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