Who owned Victorian workhouses?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The staff in a workhouse were:

-A Master

-A Matron

-A Medical Officer

-A Chaplain

-A Porter


-A School TeacherHope this helped! :D

  • a Master
  • a Matron
  • a Medical Officer
  • a Chaplain
  • a porter
  • a school-teacher
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Q: Who owned Victorian workhouses?
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How many workhouses were there in Victorian times?

as much as a donkey dances like a potato chip badger

What laws where made for children in Victorian times?

the life for children the Victorian times was cruel brutal and just plain discriminating because all children had to work

Where were rich Victorian children educated?

The poor Victorians would live on the streets, but if they were found by the bobby's (police) they would get taken to the workhouse where they would have a cruel life, they would try to escape but if they got found escaping they would be put into a shed where everyone can see them. Trapped Forever. This is not entirely true, workhouses were cruel often, but a better alternative than living on the streets. It was mostly families that went into workhouses

How were prisons similar to workhouse and how were they different?

I believe people could leave workhouses.

What was it like living in Victorian workhouses?

AnswerFrankly they were quite horrible, there was hardly any light in the rooms so the workers could not see what they were doing half of the time. Most of the workers were children and were treated as slaves. The 'masters' at each workhouse were allowed to whip the workers if they were not going quick enough. Basically the life in Victorian times were based around the workhouses' and the treatment within them. Even when it was Christmas they would still work they would be aloud to go to church and they would get a slightly bigger meal. The workhouse was a horrible place because they didn't give you much food. You also had to work 11-hour days non-stop sometimes even risking your life!