Who owns 10 downing street?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ten Downing Street is owned by the office of First Lord of the Treasury. It was presented as a gift to Sir Robert Walpole by George II in 1732.

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Q: Who owns 10 downing street?
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What is downing street famous for?

Downing Street is home to the headquarters of the British government. 10 Downing Street is the official residence and office for the First Lord of the Treasury.

What is the zip code to the prime minister of England's house?

There isn't one, because the UK doesn't have "zip codes." The postcode is, according to the Royal Mail's online postcode finder, SW1A 2AA (note: this is for the "Number 10, Downing Street" address).

Who resides at No. 10 Downing Street?

The English Prime minister resides at No10 Downing Street (currently Gordon Brown Feb 2008)and his name is Gordon brown.One small problem with the above Gordon Brown is the British Prime Minister & He's SCOTTISH ! Please refer to 'England ' as either GB or UK. England is part of the British Isles and part of the United Kingdom & although I am English, living in England, my Scots, Welsh & Irish compatriots do not enjoy being ignored...............The UK PM ... United Kingdom's or alternately Britain's Prime Minister lives there. It's referred to quite commonly there and in the US as "Number Ten Downing Street"... the US equivalent would be "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue", for The White House.The incumbent Prime Minister.

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