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Q: Who paid Martin Frobisher for these exploration?
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Did a country pay for martin Frobisher's exploration?


Why was the exploration of martin frobisher important?

because he made 3 voyages

What were the personality traits of Martin Frobisher?

Martin Frobisher was known to be determined, courageous, and resourceful. He displayed leadership qualities and a strong sense of adventure in his pursuit of exploration and discovery.

Why was Martin frobisher known as sir Martin frobisher?

His name is called Sir Martin Frobisher, is because he is a man not a women, if it was a women it would be called'' Madam Martin Frobisher.

What are facts about Martin frobisher?

martin frobisher had two wives

What did Martin Frobisher name his boat?

Martin Frobisher named his boat The Frobisher Boat! (I think)!:)

Who were martin frobisher's siblings?

Martin Frobisher had two siblings: a brother named John Frobisher and a sister named Joan Frobisher.

What was sir Martin frobisher famous for?

Sir Martin Frobisher was famous for his exploration and mapmaking. he discovered Labrador, but he sailed more north, reaching frobisher bay and baffin island. or... Sir Martin Frobisher, a famous explorer from Altofts, Yorkshire, England, was famous for his attempts to discover a Northwest passage and his voyages to Labrador and Greenland. Martin Frobisher was also famous for landing on Northeastern Canada. He also famous for his mapmaking. Frobisher received a gunshot wound from Fort Crozon a Spanish-held fortress. Sir Martin Frobisher died days later due to poor medical treatment on November 15, 1594.

Martin Frobisher how was his discovery made?

Martin Frobisher how was his discovery made?

What is martin Frobisher's religion?

Martin Frobisher was a Church of England Protestant.

What was martin frobisher's legacy?

Frobisher Bay

Were did Martin Frobisher voyage to?

martin frobisher voyaged to north America! he was European to.