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Many people actually. While you wouldn't see the Queen attending a play, some lesser nobles and businessmen were among the high rollers in the stands while the peasants would be standing and watching comedies and tragedies.

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Usually actors. Some lived in troupes and who traveled to locations, set up a stage and performed plays. Others had long-term engagements at playhouses specifically and permanently dedicated to theatrical performance. William Shakespeare was such an actor.

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Q: Who performed plays in Elizabethan England?
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Plays in Elizabethan England were performed during when?

Daylight hours

Plays in Elizabethan England were performed during .?

Daylight Hours

Who performed afternoon plays in Elizabethan London during the Elizabethan era?

Traveling companies (apex)

What days of the week were plays performed during the Elizabethan era?

on pageant wagons.

English road houses for Shakespeare plays?

Plays in Elizabethan times were sometimes performed in innyards. Is that what you are asking about?

Why Shakespeare's plays reflected Elizabethan England?

Shakespeare's plays reflected Elizabethan England because they highlighted the political and social issues of the time, such as the monarchy, class hierarchy, and religious tensions. Shakespeare also captured the cultural values and beliefs of Elizabethan society through his language, characters, and themes. Additionally, his plays were performed for audiences that were familiar with the social norms and historical events of the period.

Where did Shakespeare shows his plays during Elizabethan time?

He started off a as a traveller but then he built a theatre which he then performed in.

Was Elizabethan England the leader of Europe's Catholic states?

Of course not, Elizabethan England was protestant.

How were Shakesperes plays preformed?

Shakespeare's plays were performed in the Elizabethan theatres. Most of the people that were able to attend were royalty, and those that had more money than the others.

Why are Shakespeare's plays called Elizabethan drama?

Elizabethan drama refers to the plays and literature created during the reign of Elizabeth I and immediately following her death. Drama written by William Shakespeare is an example of Elizabethan drama.

Who were the yeomanry of the Elizabethan England?

Its is the the middle-class citizens of Elizabethan times

Who had to approve of plays at the Elizabethan theatre?

The Lord Chamberlain who retained control of what could be performed in London's theatres until the 1960's.