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rajat thokas

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Q: Who played pritha role in prithviraj chauhan serial on star plus?
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What year Anas Rashid born?

anas rashid (from the serial prithviraj chauhan)..was born on 31 august 1980.

From where does the director of serial prithivraj chauhan know the full story?

'Prithviraj Raso' is the story of Prithviraj Chauhan in poetic form created by his poet friend Chand Bardai . This is the main source of PRC's story. Although in serial, due business purposes they have to edit the main story. And make it, more dramatical, extendable etc.

Who is Anas Rashid?

Anas Rashid is a famous Indian TV actor, who played the role of PrithviRaj Chauhan after Rajat Tokas, and is currently working in the No.1 serial of Television Industry "Diya Aur Baati Hum" on Star Plus as the male lead, 'Sooraj Rathi', alongside the female lead, Deepika Singh, who is playing his wife, 'Sandhya Sooraj Rathi'.

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