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Bramhabandhab Uppadhya

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Q: Who published sandhya newspaper during british rule over india?
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Which is the first newspaper in Punjabi?

The first newspaper in Punjabi is believed to be the "Vernacular Press" published by the Punjab Printing Company in Lahore in 1855. This newspaper played a significant role in promoting Punjabi language and literature during the British colonial period in India.

What was the newspaper called during the Korean War?

Perhaps you are thinking of the Stars & Stripes ... the newspaper distributed to soldiers during the Korean War. Today, that paper is published in Europe for the troops.

What is the name of newspaper that was started during 1878 in india?

The Hindu is an Indian English-language daily newspaper founded and continuously published in Chennai since 1878.

Who Published an early American newspaper in Pennsylvania?

Benjamin Franklin published an early American newspaper in Pennsylvania called The Pennsylvania Gazette. It was first published in 1728 and became one of the most popular newspapers in the colonies during that time.

What year was the first newspaper established in Nigeria?

The first newspaper in Nigeria, the Iwe Irohin, was established in 1859 during the British colonial period.

Was Stuart Jeffries a writer for the European Newspaper called the Guardian?

Yes, Stuart Jeffries was a writer for The Guardian, a British newspaper. He covered various topics, including culture, books, and art during his time at the publication.

Which was a Quaker who published an abolitionist newspaper and helped found the American Anti-Slavery Society?

The Quaker who published an abolitionist newspaper and helped found the American Anti-Slavery Society was Benjamin Lundy. He was a prominent figure in the abolitionist movement during the early 19th century.

What country publishes the Dagbladet?

A newspaper called the Dagbladet is published in Sweden. The paper was founded by Borge Outze and was published during World War 2. In addition, the paper is written in a language called Svenska.

When was The Bulletin - newspaper - created?

The Bulletin newspaper was first published in Sydney, Australia in 1880. It played a significant role in Australian literature and journalism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

How many newspapers were published During the revolutionary war?

The price of a newspaper during the American Revolution would have been about 1 cent. Not a lot were made and they weren't very large.

What was the first newspaper in Bangladesh?

The Azad (Bengali: আজাদ) was a Bengali-language daily newspaper published from 1936 to 1992. The Azad became Dhaka's first daily newspaper. The newspaper, while based in Dhaka, played an important role during the Bengali Language Movement for its advocacy of Bengali.

What job did winson churchle do during the boer war?

Winston Churchill was a war correspondent for the British "Morning Post" newspaper during the Second Boer War.