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John Winthrop was the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony after it was founded.

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Q: Who ran the Massachusetts Bay colony after it was founded?
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Who ran Massachusetts bay colony?

Plymouth, which was considered the colony of the Massachusetts Bay area, was William Bradford.

Did everyone vote at the Massachusetts bay colony town meeting?

yes. if you attended the meeting, you were expected to vote. "selectmen" ran the meetings, you only attended if you were one of the "elect" therefore you were expected to vote. this was also only male members of the church, but you had the eligibility to attend if you were this.

Why did Thomas hooker settle in Connecticut colony?

He was very dissatisfied with Massachusetts, because he didn't like how Winthrop and other Puritans ran the colony. Therefor he led a congress through the wilderness to Connecticut.

Why did Thomas Hooker settle in Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut because he and the Puritans where unhappy with the government in Massachusetts, or how the Separitists where running it. So, Hooker and 100 other Separitists from Massachusetts and settled in What is now Connecticut.- Jomarie from CTand ben from ct

Who left the purity colony seeking religious freedom and settled the colony of Rhode Island?

Rodger Williams founded Rhode Island in 1636 in search ofreligious freedom. He ventured off into the wilderness after he had been told to leave Massachusetts, his former home, abandoning his family. He soon ran into a group of Natives near Narragansett Bay. They took care of him through the winter. In the spring, he bought some land off the Natives, and started a settlement with his family and a few followers also seeking religious freedom. Others soon followed beginning settlements of their own and they soon became the Colony of Rhode Island.

Who founded Rhode Island and in what year?

Roger Williams founded Providence, Rhode Island's capital. He was kicked out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony for being a Quaker. He ran away when he heard that the settlers had sent a ship to bring him back to England. He was starving when some Indians found him and cared for him. Then he bought land from the Indians that was later to become Rhode Island. The new colony allowed freedom of religion and was tolerant of Native Americans. Many individuals came here after being rejected by other religiously oriented colonies. Roger Williams because believed in paying Indians for land, all men could vote, freedom of worship, and separation of church and state.

What did colony mean in 1900?

A colony is a territory that is ran by another country.

Why is there green bay road when its not in green bay?

Maybe they ran out of road names.

Who ran the royal colony and under what authority?

The king

What did JFK do before he ran for president?

He was a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

How many seasons are there of the colony?

Jamestown ran for 3 seasons

Who is Joe Malone?

Joel Malone is a politician who ran for the Massachusetts Congress in 2010. Malone was also the treasurer for the state of Massachusetts.