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Q: Who rented a house next to the House of Lords?
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What do you do if a person who rents your house dies?

Attend the funeral and then assist the heirs in cleaning out the house so that it can be rented to the next tenant.

Who keeps order in the house of lords?

In the House of Lords, the members themselvesare responsible for keeping order. Generally, the Leader of the House of Lords (a minister for Her Majesty's Government) plays a persuasive role in determining which side should speak next and to resolve other issues of order; however, the House of Lords, by resolution, has the formal authority to make all determinations with respect to its practices and the maintenance of order.It should be noted that there is a Lord Speaker in the House of Lords, but the role is a stark contrast to the Speaker of the House of Commons. In the chamber, the Lord Speaker puts questions to the House, announces results of votes, and provides procedural advice; the Lord Speaker does not decide on points of order, and has no authority to reprimand or call to order members of the House of Lords.

What are the differences between the house of lords and the house of commons?

The House of Commons is (mostly) elected by the electorate. The House of Lords is unelected and consists of peers of the realm, fewer and fewer are hereditary peers and most now are life peers (which means that their titles die with them and cannot be passed down to their heir). Under the Labour government it became the next career step for failed politicians and cronies. Man of the Common People John Prescott recently took his seat in the House of Lords demonstrating beautifully what New Labour was really all about.

What are the two houses of National Legislature?

House of Represenatives and the Senate

There are 3 houses the red house is next to the white house and the white house right of the red house the blue house is next to the white house where is the white house?

In Washington, D.C.

There is 3houses the red house is next to the White House and the White House right of the red house the blue house is next to the White House Where is the White House at?

in the middle The white house is in Washington, D.C.

What are the houses of Parliament in UK?

The Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, commonly referred to as, British Parliament, is bicameral, and thus, consists of two houses. All Bicameral legislatures or parliaments consist of two chambers or HOUSES. The British Parliament's houses consist of an upper house, The House of Lords, and a lower house, The House of Commons. The Crown or the Queen, is the third component of the legislature or parliament but not considered a separate chamber or House. The House of Commons, are members elected by area constituencies. The House of Lords members', most often are appointed by the Crown or Queen. There are three types of members, belonging to the House of Lords: Life Peers (or Lords Temporal): A lifetime appointment, formally granted by the Queen on the advice and recommendation of the Prime Minister. The appointment and or title, cannot be inherited or passed on to children. Hereditary Peers: Are members of the House of Lords, who are members by virtue of inheriting an appointment/title, which has passed down through a family member. In 1999, the right of Hereditary Peers to sit and vote, in the House of Lords was ended by the House of Lords Act. At the time the act was passed, there were 92 living Hereditary Peers; all 92 were exempted from the affect of the act, during their respective lifetime. Once the respective Peer passes away, their appointment/title will end, and their appointment/title, will not be inherited by a successor. Archbishops and Bishops (or Lords Spiritual): These members consist of 26 archbishops and bishops from the Church of England, and sit in the house and pass their membership onto the next most senior bishop, upon retirement. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York, traditionally then receive Life peerages, on retirement.

What can we do if you can find a bomb inside the house?

Light it, then through it in the house next to your house

Are there house next to the white house?

based on what i think, no

Are magpies unlucky nesting next to your house?

They are if they nest next to my house. they are loud and obnoxious until...

When was The House Next Door - novel - created?

The House Next Door - novel - was created in 1978.

Is the House of commons located next to the House of senate?

yes is it