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Charles Maurice

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Q: Who represented France at the Congress of Vienna?
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What countries were represented at the conference when the important decision was made?

If you mean in the Congress of Vienna, the countries were Prussia, Russia, Austria, Britain, and France.

Who did the Congress of Vienna recognize as the legitimate King of France?

The Congress of Vienna recognized King Louis XVIII as the legitimate King of France. He was King of France and Navarre from 1814 until 1824.

Congress of Vienna made what decisions about France?

To return the Monarchy to France.

What nation controlled Corsica after the Congress of Vienna?


How did the congress of Vienna affect France?

It restored it to the Monarchy.

Agreement between BritainRussia and France?

The Congress of Vienna.

What countries were represented at the congress of Vienna?

France was represented by Prince Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, England was represented by Lord Castlereagh, the Foreign Minister, Prussia was represented by Prince Hardenberg, Austria was represented by the Emperor of Austria. Russia was represented by the Czar himself, Alexander I, however Count Nesselrode also attended the conference for business reasons. There were a number of other countries, but the five main countries constituted themselves an organizing committee.

Did France control all of Europe after the congress of Vienna?

no, the congress of VVienna actually made France isolated and weak

What did congress of Vienna do to strengthen France borders?

they fought them and took there belongens

What form of government did Britain and France have after the congress of Vienna?

Constitutional monarchies

The events at the Congress of Vienna were supported by?

The Big Four and with reservations by France.

King of France who was restored to the throne by the Congress of Vienna?

Louis XVIII.