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Robinson crusoe

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Q: Who said The Cement of this union is in the Heart blood of every American?
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Why is it said royals have blue blood?

If you look at the wrist of an untanned caucasian person, the veins there look almost blue. Royalty were usually shaded when out in the sun, by servants and the like. Thus, royalty were believed to genuinely have blue blood.

When and how do you experience the kingdom of God on earth?

You experience the kingdom of God not only on earth but within. As per the scripture, Luke 17:21 and Corinthians 3:16, God lives in the temple of your heart. The truth is this that God is everywhere, not just on earth, in the cosmos, in every atom of existence, in every living organism. Everything is God manifesting as this world. But unfortunately, we are unable to experience the kingdom of God on earth and within us because we are caught in this Cosmic illusion or Maya. We are lost in our material world and we don't see the Divine Spirit that is beating within our heart.

Who wrote the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty?

Winston Churchill

Who invented note cards?

One day a dragon-whale monster descended from the sky. All were stricken with fear at the sight of this vile and disgusting creature. He needed a way to learn about human existence, to study them. He then slaughtered a village, writing on the trees with their blood, and re-reading what he had written every day until he had it memorized. Thus, note cards were born.

How many people died in a day in the whole world?

151,650 people die every day in this world. if it was a year -55,503,922 die every year.

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What does The cement of this union is in the heart blood of every American mean?

I think what this quote by Thomas Jefferson is saying is that we all have a piece of America inside of us, because we've all helped to build it up to where it is today. That's just my opinion.

What are three parts of the cardiovascular system?

-Capillaries bring blood and nutrients to every cell. They are smaller than your hair. -Veins bring non-oxygenated blood back to the heart, so that the blood can become reoxygenated. -Arteries take the blood straight from your heart. They are very flexible so that they will not break every time the heart pumps blood.

What body part send blood up to your heart?

every body part you have sends blood to your heart

How many liters of blood does a heart pump every beat?

it pumps about 5 to 6 liters of blood a day

How much blood is pumped out of your heart every minute?

5000 liter of blood every day

The general pathway of blood flow is?

The general blood flow path is from the aorta to the heart. The blood will then leave the heart and flow throughout the rest of the body. This path of blood happens every time the heart beats.

How does your blood get into your heart?

It originates there. First you breathe in and you add oxygen to you blood streams, by the way of capillaries. It then circulates from the heart to every where else.

What other organ systems does the heart work with?

The human heart works with EVERY organ system in the body. Everything in the human body needs blood to survive and the heart provides that blood be pumped to every part of the body.

How much blood does your heart pump every heartbeat?

The heart pumps almost half of the blood volume with each beat. This is referred to as the ejection fraction or EF, which is the percentage of blood pumped out of the left ventricle with every heartbeat.

What does the heart do for the brain?

the heart supplies blood to the brain and every other part of the body, and the blood carries oxygen which is consumed to power your body

Does cardiovascular disease have to do with the heart?

The heart and the blood vessels that lead to the heart.

What do drugs do to a teenagers heart?

it might raise or lower the blood glucose of teenagers, so i think since every part of our blood is related to our heart its very bad to the heart.