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Q: Who said the young men will go fight married men will make arms and transport supplies women will make tents and uniforms?
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Why did they depend on the us for supplies?

Because one cannot fight a war without supplies. No supplies=no war.

What kind of supplies are needed in the Revolutionary War please help?

The Spanish and Hispanic Americans sent gunpowder, clothing, blankets, medicine, uniforms, tents, guns, cannons, and other equipment to take care of the Continental Army and help them to fight the Revolution.

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What were airplanes designed to do?

They were designed to fly and to fight in wars and later on, transport passengers.

What were British advantages during the Revolutionary War?

Army - traning Army - supplies Navy - size and strength Supply Lines- distance from home morale - reason and will to fight Leadership The British were better trained in their army & its leaders. Years of training. They had great uniforms. The uniforms did make it easy to spot them. haha! British had more money for supplies. British had ships to garner supplies. The British paid their military. The Americans adapted their tactics to fit conditions. The British marched in line making it easy from behind trees to pick them off. The British never adapted to change in fighting. The Americans fought for freedom & had a cause. Short of supplies the Americans learned to use of materials. Americans blocked British ships from docking. American leadership like General Washington inspired troops. On paper, the British should have won but Americans have proved themself to be resourceful.

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They fight because they are under a lot of stress.

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Wrong blood cell. Red cells transport oxygen. White blood cells fight infection.

Who made military uniforms in World War 2?

The uniforms were made in factories in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, India and other countries. The women were the ones who did most of the work since the men had been called to fight on the war front or to support the warriors. The military quarter masters then issued the uniforms to the service people. Private tailoring companies were also contracted to make uniforms from various countries.

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