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Q: Who sponsored franciscio pizzarro?
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What did pizzarro accomplish?

Pizzarro was a Spanish conquistador who led an expeditionthat caused the falloff the Inca Empire.

What religion did the San Franciscio de Solano believe in?

It was a Catholic mission.

When was pizzarro born?


What did fransisco pizzarro find?

the incas

Who are some famous explorers in Venezuela?

Franciscio Pizzaro is important because he found Ecuador

Why did pizzarro want to explore?

the technology home of solutions

Who defeated the Incas in South America?

Francisco Pizzarro.

Which Spaniard led the defeat of the Inca?

Francisco Pizzarro

Did Fransisco Pizzarro have any handicaps?

Sometimes I like cookies

Which Spanish Conquistador took control of Inca empire in Peru?

Francisco Pizzarro

Which Spanish conquistadors took control of the Inca empire in Peru?

Francisco Pizzarro

Which spanish conquistador took control of Inca empire of Peru?

Francisco Pizzarro