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Q: Who told europeans about his journey to China?
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What were Marco Polo's Major accomplishments?

discovering eye glasses yeah man!Also he discovered ice cream, and spaghetti, so yeah man to you

Had opium existed in china before the Europeans?

No, it was introduced by the Europeans.

Europeans called China what?


Cloth the europeans wanted from china?


Who invented the very first rockets?

The Chinese invented gunpowder and used it to power rockets hundreds of years ago. Then Marco Polo, from Europe, visited China, and told his fellow Europeans about the Chinese, their use of gunpowder and rockets. Then Europeans further developed gunpowder and rockets.The Chinese.

What did the european sailors call china?

In the middle ages Europeans called China 'Cathay'.

Who were the first Europeans to dicover china?

marco polo

How did the first europeans get what they wanted from china?

u know....

Who taught Europeans about China and trade?

Marco Polo

What cloth did Europeans want from India and china?


How did Marco Polo trips to China influence Europeans exploration?

Europeans who read about his travels were inspired to explore.

How did Marco polos trip to China influenced Europeans exploration?

europeans who read about his travels were inspired to explore