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Q: Who traded silk to the british empire?
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Who traded most along the Silk Road?

Spices and other goods (like silk) were traded between the Orient and the Roman Empire with the people of the Indus Valley as middlemen.

Who traded along the silk road?

The silk road stretched from the Han Dynasty or empire to the Roman Empire in Europe.

What was the Silk traded for?

Silk was traded for... i think gold :)

The thirteen colonies only trade with countries outside the british empire?

No. They only traded with those within the british empire.

What kind of people traded on the silk road?

The merchants traded silk on the silk road

Where was the Phoenician trading empire?

they traded by the Mediterranean Sea by boats, and they used the silk road.

Why was the main overland trade route between the Roman Empire and China known as the Silk Road?

Because one of the most valuable commodities traded along the Silk Road was Chinese silk.

What item was traded most in silk road?

The item most traded on the silk road was gold and silk.

What was silk traded for?

the Chinese traded silk for gold, silver and precious pebbles.

Were did the Romans empire get silk from?

the battle near Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia

Where did the silk route get its name from?

They traded silk

Who traded teas for silk on the silk road?