Who was Al Biruni?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Al-Biruni was a Muslim scholar higly famed as a great Historians of his time, he made significant intricate studies in the fields of mathematics, astronomy and geography, it was Al Biruni who invented the 'Biruni Method' for the measurement of the radius .his observations were vast also concerning the rotation of the earth on its axis. Among his most famous thesis 'Qanun Al-Masudi, and his astronomical encyclopedia are chiefly imperative. He was born in the year 973, AD, in Khawarizm (now in Uzbekistan) After his massive achievements he died in the year1048 AD.

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Q: Who was Al Biruni?
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What did al biruni invent?

Al Biruni is from Afghanistan. He is known for the invention of many things that impact the fields of mathematics and astronomy.

What did Abu Rayhan al-Biruni invent?

Abu Rayhan al-Biruni invented Orthographical astrolabe in the 11th century.

Who wrote the geography of India in his book kitab-al-hind?

Abu Al Rayhan Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al Biruni, often called Al Biruni.

Who wrote the book kitab ul hind?

Abu Al-Rayhan Muhammed Ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni

What is abu rayhan al-biruni nationality?

born in kazakisthan,died in afghanisthan

What has the author V Courtois written?

V. Courtois has written: 'al-Biruni'

Who was the father of geodesy?

the father of Geodesy & Indology is abu rayhan al biruni

Alamat Taman Kanak Kanak Al Biruni Bandung?

Jl. Sidomukti, Sukaluyu

Did Al-Khazini and Al-Biruni found the science of gravity?

Yes , he said "The objects fall to the ground because of the forces of attraction in it"

What wa the date of abu rehan al biruni death?

Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī died on December 13, 1048 at the age of 75.

What is Abu Rayhan Biruni's birthday?

Abu Rayhan Biruni was born on September 5, 973.

When was Abu Rayhan Biruni born?

Abu Rayhan Biruni was born on September 5, 973.