Who was Attila Han from China?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he is known as the scourge of god and ruled over the hus in the 400's

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Q: Who was Attila Han from China?
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Why was inner china was an easier place to live than outer china?

Because the people in inner china called themselves the Han people after the Han dynasty. The people that live in outer china are not Han people, the do not like Han.

How did Han rule china?

Han ruled china by having a strong central government.

What was china's first han ruler?

Han Gaozu

Who has the dominant ethnic group in china is?


Where was Han Fei born?

Han Fei was born in Han (state), China.

Where is Wenwen Han from?


Is Han China the same as China?

What exactly do you mean by "Han China"? I asked a Chinese classmate and she said there isn't a term called "Han China" in Chinese.Answer:The Han Dynasty ruled China from 206 BCE-220 CE. It followed the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE) and preceded the Three Kingdoms (220-265 CE). The Han Dynasty is considered a golden age in Chinese history. Even today China's majority ethnic group refers to itself as the "Han people"So in answer:The Han Dynasty rued all of present day China about 2000 years ago.Present day China feels ties to the Han Dynasty

Was there a Han Dynasty in china?

Yes, there was. The Han dynasty was in the east of Xi'an.

Where is wen wen han born in?

Wenwen Han was born in China.

Did the Han of Dynasty spread?

the han dynasty spread east of China!

Why do majority groups in china call itself the Han people?

because Han is came from Han Dynasty which succeeded the short-live Qin Dynasty that united China.

What advances in technology and medicine that took place in Han china?

Han China was the most technologically advances civilization in the world