Who was General Montcalm?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Louis-Joseph, Marquis de Montcalm, was the General of the French troops at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (sometimes called the Battle of Quebec) which occurred on September 12, 1759, and which lasted for barely an hour. British troops, led by General James Wolfe, defeated the French on the Plains of Abraham, just outside Quebec City. Both Montcalm and Wolfe died from wounds suffered in battle. The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was a major victory for the British in the Seven Years War (known in the US as the French and Indian War).

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Louis-Joseph de Montcalm was a French major general and the commander of French armed forces in North America from 1756 until 1759, when he was killed in action.

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Q: Who was General Montcalm?
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Who was the victor Marquis de Montcalm or General James Wolfe?

General Wolfe's troops won the battle, although both Wolfe and Montcalm both died

Who are general Wolfe and general Montcalm?

Wolfe and Montcalm were the opposing commanders during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Both were killed in the battle.

What did Montcalm agree to let the English do if they surrendered?

All the answers are correct

After a meeting with magua what did montcalm do?

He went back to his tent and gave the orders to arouse the men for a new day

How did he die Louis-Joseph de Montcalm?

he got shot in the side during the seven years war between the British and French ... he died in The Battle of The Plains of Abraham when the British made their way up the Anse-aux-foulons a goat path that leads up to Quebec. The French were shocked by this and Montcalm, the commander of the French army decided to not wait for his aid-de-camp , Bougainvile and his 1,200 men that were in Beauport but to attack immeadietly with the men he had, which happened to be both militia and regular soldiers. Half of these people were not used to the British way of fighting (running,diving,camoflauging) so they made a disorganized charge at the British. The British waited until they were close and then fired. This battle was so horrendus from the French side that it was over in less than an hour. During this proccess, Montcalm, was shot in the side and would soon die, after dawn. General James Wolfe, the commander of the British, who was previously very ill had also died in this battle due to minor wounds