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He is still important today! He was an ancient Mesopotamian king who gave mankind its first set of laws, the ancestors of any laws in use today.

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Hammurabi was the sixth king of Babylon and he wrote the first known codified set of laws known to mankind.

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Hammurabi was the 6th king of Babylon. He lived from about 1792 BC to about 1750 BC. His code was one the first sets of laws (Legal Codes) to be rendered into written form.

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Q: Who was Hammurabi and why is he significant in Babylonian and Mesopotamian history?
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Where can the first documentation about slavery in human history be found?

The Code of Hammurabi, written by the Babylonian king, mentions the treatment of slaves

Who was the first lawgiver?

The ancient Greeks.

What Babylonian ruler created a famous code of laws?

The code of Hammurabi is the first written legal code of the recorded history of the Babylonian State which was found in the famous Rosetta stone currently found in the British Museum. Hammurabi is the name of the ruler who first created written rules circa 1700 BCE

What did Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar have in common?

Even dough there was about 1000 years between then; they were Babylonian kings and are the most notable in the history of Babylon. Hammurabi was notable because of the code of law and Nebuchadnezzar for the hanging gardens.

How did Hammurabi's code affect society?

The Babylonian Empire reached from Palestine to Iran and Turkey. All Mesopotamia was completely inside the Babilonian Empire. Indeed, Hammurabi coded laws for the first time in history as we know and that was important to the empire people.

What has the author Hammurabi written?

Hammurabi was a Babylonian king known for his Code of Hammurabi, one of the earliest known written legal codes. The code consisted of 282 laws that governed various aspects of Babylonian society, covering topics such as criminal justice, marriage, and commerce.

What has the author L W King written?

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How was Hammurabi's rule different than any other in the previous history?

He coded laws in an order of fashion for the first time in history as far as we know. That was significant.

Who was known for his merciless law codes?

Hammurabi, the sixth king of the First Babylonian Dynasty, is known for his Code of Hammurabi, one of the earliest written legal codes in history. The code contained strict punishments for various offenses and was known for its principle of "an eye for an eye."

Who wrote If a man has destroyed the eye of another free man his own eye shall be destroyed?

This statement is a part of the Code of Hammurabi, a legal code created by the Babylonian king Hammurabi around 1754 BC. It is one of the earliest known sets of laws in human history and reflects the principle of lex talionis, or "an eye for an eye."

Why was Hammurabi's code a major step forward for human kind?

He coded laws in an order of fashion for the first time in history as far as we know. That was significant.

What has the author W F Leemans written?

W. F. Leemans has written: 'Legal and economic records from the Kingdom of Larsa' -- subject(s): Ancient Law, Law, Ancient, Sources 'Legal and administrative documents of the time of Hammurabi and Samsuiluna (mainly from Lagaba)' -- subject(s): Law 'Old Babylonian letters and economic history, a review article with a digression on foreign trade' -- subject(s): Assyro-Babylonian letters, Commerce 'The old-Babylonian merchant' -- subject(s): Babylonian Merchants, Commerce, Merchants, Merchants, Babylonian