Who was Malintzin?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Malintzin was a Native American woman who helped Hernando Cortez.She served as Hernando Cortez's translator.

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Malintzin (Malinche, La Malinche, Dona Marina) married Juan Jaramillo, a lieutenant of Cortez.

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Q: Who was Malintzin?
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Who helped Cortes conquer Aztec empire?


Why do many Mexicans see malintzin as a traitor?

They see her as a traitor becauseshe betray them

How did malintzin die?

When and how she died and where she was buried is unknown, but her husband, Juan Jaramillo, claimed she had died of small pox.

Who were the Malintzin?

Malintzin was a respectful name given by the indigenous people for the indigenous interpreter for Cortez during the conquest of Mexico. She was also known by them as Malinche. The name came to be used for Cortez and eventually even for his men. "La Malinche" is how the people called her when they meant her alone. The suffix "tzin" was added to show respect.

Who helped Cortez overthrow the Aztecs by translating?

Malinalli Tenépatl, known also as Malintzin, Malinali or Doña Marina.

Who was Dona Marina also known as?

La Malinche, known also as Malinalli, Malintzin or Dona Marina, was a Nahua woman from the Mexican Gulf Coast. She was a confident of Hernan Cortez and his mistress by whom she had a son, Martin.

Who was known as dona marina?

La Malinche, known also as Malinalli, Malintzin or Dona Marina, was a Nahua woman from the Mexican Gulf Coast. She was a confident of Hernan Cortez and his mistress by whom she had a son, Martin.

Reasons for Spain's success in invading Mexico and Peru?

Superior technology: muskets, cannons, horses and iron plate armor against spears and wood clubs.Chicanery: Pizarro used the Incan civil war to his advantage; Cortes had the Malintzin to work for him as translator and adviser against the Aztecs.Disease: all Europeans brought with them smallpox, and none of the Native Americans had immunity against such disease, resulting in a dramatic loss of life (up to 95% of the continental population, by some accounts).

What helped Hernan Cortes conquer the Aztecs?


What was Hernando Cortes' sexual orientation?

There is no historical record or anecdotes that Hernán Cortés was Homosexual.As a matter of historical fact, he was born a son by La Malinche (c. 1496 or c. 1505 - c. 1529, some sources give 1550-1551), known also as Malintzin, Malinalli or Doña Marina, who was a Nahua woman from the Mexican Gulf Coast, who played a role in the Spanish conquest of Mexico, acting as interpreter, advisor, lover and intermediary for Hernán Cortés. She was one of twenty slaves given to Cortés by the natives of Tabasco in 1519.[1] Later she became a mistress to Cortés and gave birth to his first son, Martín, who is considered one of the first Mestizos (people of mixed European and indigenous American ancestry).Source:

How was Cortes able to conquer the Aztec empire?

In a very abridged version, with the use of guns and germs.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ all wrong!!well actually the aztec calendar said that there were going to be a god named "Malintzin". It was predicted that the god would have "white skin and come in with great wings". So they treated Cortes and his people as gods. Later on Cortes was treated as roalty. He was now friends with the king of the aztecs Montezuma. But Cortes held Montezuma captive so the aztecs would give him gold and jewelery. So montezuma went out to the crowd to calm them down but then got hit by a rock and died. So now Cortes was in trouble and had to get out. Only half of his men (including) himself made it out. Later on they went back and took over with more guys, guns, and other weapons. He new if he captured montezuma then he could get what ever he wanted. But his plan back fired. But he went back and conquerd the aztec empire!!Read more: Discuss:What_are_reasons_Hernando_Cortes_was_able_to_conquer_the_Aztec_empire

Who was the translator for Hernan Cortes?

'La Malinche' [c. 1496 - c. 1505?/c. 1529?/c. 1550?] was the translator for Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro [1485 - 2xii1547] in the latter's victories over the Aztec Empire of Mexico. Her real name is unknown. She variously was known in the historical record as 'Malintzin' and 'Malinalli'. As part of their personal relationship and professional interaction, she was required by her lover and boss to be baptized. Her baptismal name was Doña Marina.