Who was Meera Bhai and whats her life story?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Meera Bhai was a great devotee of God - Krishna. She devoted all her life to Krishna, God was her husband, her father, her mother, her brother, her friend, all her family, and her everything.

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Q: Who was Meera Bhai and whats her life story?
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Meera did not die but disappeared into the statue of her beloved LORD KRISHNA. The following incident will clear all the doubts about this mystry Years after when meera had to leave vrindavan,the political situation changed in Rajasthan; the kingship changed and the youngest son of King Sanga ascended the throne, Udaysingh Mevar. He was King Sanga's son and the father of King Pratap. Udaysingh had great feeling for Meera. He sent innumerable messengers to Meera to bring her back: "This is our disgrace. This is Rajasthan's disgrace that Meera wanders from village to village, moving here and there. This stain will always remain on us. Let her come back. Bring her back. We ask forgiveness for our mistakes. That which has happened in the past is gone." People went, pundits were sent, priests were sent to explain and convince, but Meera always gave the explanation, "Now where to come or go? Where should I go now, giving up this temple of my life's love?" She was ecstatic in the Ranchhordasji temple. Still Udaysingh tried very hard. He sent a group of one hundred men and said, "Bring her back no matter what. If she doesn't come, give her a threat. Tell her you'll fast sitting at the door of the same temple." And they gave the threat. They insisted, "You must come, if not then we'll die right here." Then Meera said, "This again; if I am to go, then I will go and ask my love. Without his giving permission, I cannot go. So I'll ask Ranchhordasji." She went inside and the story is very lovely, very surprising, very significant. She went inside and it is said she never came out again. She disappeared into Krishna's statue.

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