Who was Nzingha?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nzinga Mbande also known as Ana de Sousa Nzinga Mbande, was a 17th century queen (muchino a muhatu) of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms of the Mbundu people in southwestern Africa. Ngola was both a name and a title in Ndongo.

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Q: Who was Nzingha?
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what does the nzingha mean

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When and why did nzingha become a queen?

According to the Wikipedia entry, she assumed the title between 1624 & 1626. Her brother was King at the time - and committed suicide. Nzingha assumed control as regent. His son was away at the time of his death, and is rumoured to have been killed by her on his return. See the related link for the full article.

What was Queen Nzingha goals?

Nzingha had strongly opposed her brother's participation in the slave trade. However, it was not until the Portuguese traders began to make heavier demands on the King for slaves, thereby reducing his own profit from the trade, that he decided to resist and declare war. The war between the Portuguese, and the Ndongo people lasted for several years until the Portuguese decided that a peace conference would be held for both sides to negotiate an end to the war. It was at this conference that Nzingha would display her immense pride, determination, and iron will, traits that the Portuguese would be forced to reckon with for the next thirty years.

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