Who was a famous person from Chad?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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Current Political Leaders:

President, Idriss Deby, attained this office in 1990 by overturning then President Hissene Habre in a rebel offensive; he was re-elected to the position in 2001 and again in 2006 representing the Patriotic Salvation Movement.

Head of State, Prime Minister Emmanuel Nadingar, since March 2010 as a member of the Patriotic Salvation Movement.

Youssouf Saleh Abbas, served as Prime Minister from 2008 - 2010.

People representative of the turbulent past following French colonialism:

Francois Tombalbaye (aka Ngarta Tombalbaye) 1918 - 1975, served as Head of State (first President of Chad) 1959 - 1975 whose regime is characterized by years of civil unrest. In 1975, Tombalbaye was murdered by soldiers who replaced him with General Felix Malloum.

Ibrahim Abatcha (1938 - 1958) founder of the insurgent group FROLINAT in 1966; killed in 1968 in conflict with Chadian Army.

Acyl Ahmat Agbas (1944 - 1982), insurgent leader during Chadian Civil War; killed in accident off the batttlefield between actions of the CDR militia.

Mohamed Baghlani (? - 1977), most prominent Arab leader of the political party UNT (Chadian National Union).

Pierre Toura Gaba (1920-1998), appointed as Minister of National Education 1961, fell under suspicion and arrested in 1962 and remained until President Tombalbaye decided he could use him as an diplomat and appointed him as Ambassador to the Federal Repuplic of Germany in 1966. He resigned that post in 1973 and moved to France where he wrote, Non a la Tobalbaye! - Fragments autobiographiques, criticizing Tombalbaye. Following the coup of Tombalbaye in 1975 he returned to Chad and was appointed ambassador to the United States, serving that post from 1976-1979.

Issa Serge Coelom, film director, noted for his 1994 film, Un taxi pour Aouzou for which he received recognition at the French César Awards. His 2007 film, Tartina City, won the Innovation Award at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Japhnes N'doram, Chadian footballer (soccor player), nicknamed "The Wizard", played for the Chad National Football Team 1989-1998; he played with the Cameroon team, Tonnerre Yaounde 1989-1990; the French football club Football Club de Nantes 1990-1997; Monaco's Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club 1997-1998; and was appointed a manager for Football Club de Nantes in 2007.

Years of colonialism and the military unrest that followed has left the Republic of Chad with minimal infrastructure. The arts and sciences are not yet a priority of the government. Poverty, health and education will hopefully be improved in the near future so that the arts and sciences have the opportunity to flourish. If I have missed any notable people of the Republic of Chad, please add them.

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Since 1962, 20 Chadian authors have written some 60 works of fiction. Among the most internationally renowned writers are Joseph Brahim Seïd, Baba Moustapha, and Antoine Bangui

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A famous person from Chad is Idriss Deby.

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Q: Who was a famous person from Chad?
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