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Sir Charles Tupper, Louis Riel, Samuel Leonard Tilley, and James Colledge Pope, to name some.

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Joseph Howe was against the Canadian confederation. He spoke against in from the years 1866 until 1868. He was from Nova Scotia.

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Q: Who was against the Canadian confederation?
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Was P.E.I with or against the confederation?

Pei was against confederation....

How did the fenian raids affect Canadian confederation?

It affected confederation cuz the raids raised the Britain colonies defenses against the war with BNA so BNA had to get the same defenses by using raids

When did Spain join confederation?

Spain joining Canadian Confederation? What planet are you on?

Nova scotia confederation?

1867, one of the Charter members of the Canadian Confederation.

Who were the people against confederation?

Newfoundland was against Confederation and also the french.

How long standing was the Canadian confederation's impact?

The impact of Canada's Confederation continues to this day.

When did the Canadian confederation start?

July 1, 1867. Or now commonly known as Canada day.

French Canadian reasons against confederation?

Because people such as Geneveive were afraid of confederation because they feared the lost of their acadian french herritage.Also their french launguge and culture. They also did not want to have to compete for supplies from their markets for their farms.

Was Louis Riel for or against confederation?

he was for confederation.

Was Georg Brown for or against confederation?

he was for confederation.

Was Alexander Galt for confederation or against?

He was for confederation

What is the newest Canadian province?

The newest Canadian province is Newfoundland and Labrador, which entered confederation on March 31, 1949. The newest Canadian territory is Nunavut, which entered confederation on April 1, 1999.