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Witch Doctors or medicine Men, title varies, come close to a sort of High Priestly role in the affairs of the tribes.

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The tribe's witch doctor.

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the witch doctor

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Q: Who was considered the tribal religious leader in African tribes?
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How did the religious African tribal leader help people?

The religious African tribal leader helped people by acting as a spiritual guide, providing advice and guidance based on traditional beliefs and customs. They often performed rituals and ceremonies to bring the community together and maintain harmony with the spirit world. Their leadership helped foster a sense of unity and connection among tribe members.

How did the triangular trade affect the African tribal leaders?

If that tribal leader had battle prisoners that he wanted to get rid of then he could sell them to the Europeans for money

What has played a big role in different African civil wars?

Different tribal groupings, languages and religious beliefs.

What Name for Maori tribal leader?

the name of the Maori tribal leader was Rangatira.

What is the tribal African word for dowry?

lobolais the translation for dowry in tribal African wording

What are African tribal masks made from?

the African headdress

What is the tribal African word for more?

It depends on which tribal African language you are talking about.

What is the religion of African tribes?

There is no"typical African tribal community" - their religions and communities are as diverse as the many peoples of Africa.

Who is the Mohicans Tribal leader?

Ashlyn Roy

What is a bedouin tribal leader called?


What is a tribal leader?

A tribal leader is called a chief. Some tribes choose to have multiple male leaders, in this case the leaders are often called kings.

What African tribal group does 71 percent of the African population belong to?