Who was dadda Chalukya?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Datta chalukya was a great king of the chalukya dynasty.he was noble,great,and popular in his kingdom.He was married to maharani gayatridevi.he contributed largely during the the period,when muhhamud ghazni looted the rich and precious temple of somnath in gujrat.datta chalukya

ruled over bharuch ,a kingdom in saurashtra.He had a daughter named chaula.

his niece-shobha chalukya ,alegendary princess later turned out to be a saviour of the somnath mahalaya.

To know more about datta chalukya and the chalukya dynasty tune inwith the

historical serial on zee tv at 7:30 on sat and sundays.-shobha somnath ki.

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Q: Who was dadda Chalukya?
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Who was Sobha Chalukya?

shobha chalukya was the neice of dadda chalukya. Daddachalukya's elder brother was the father of shobha. Her mother passed away when she was born and her father, Kirit chalukya was married to another lady. She treated Shobha very badly. Shobha was witty, atrractive as well as loved by all. Dadda chalukya used to call her chagli. She was the savour of somnath temple.

How dutta chalukya die?

If you are referring to King Dadda Chalukya, in the 2011 historical drama "Shobha Somnath Ki" on Indian television, he and his wife were killed in episode 94 by their enemy Mahmud Ghaznavi.

When was Chalukya dynasty created?

Chalukya dynasty was created in 543.

When did Chalukya dynasty end?

Chalukya dynasty ended in 753.

When was Luigi Dadda born?

Luigi Dadda was born in 1923.

When did Western Chalukya Empire end?

Western Chalukya Empire ended in 1200.

When was Western Chalukya Empire created?

Western Chalukya Empire was created in 973.

When was Soufiane Dadda born?

Soufiane Dadda was born on 1990-06-18.

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