Who was first Indian king?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The first Indian king to be recoerded in Bharatha. and India is named bharath after him

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Q: Who was first Indian king?
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Who is the king who lead the first Indian freedom fight against British?

who is the first education minister in the first indian ministery

Who was India's first king?

it depends whether you are asking for the first king of the whole Indian sub-continent or any king

Who was The ancient Indian King who first introduced inscriptions?


Who was nahapan?

Nahapan' was a first century AD Indian king.

What is an Indian king called?

An Indian king is called a raja.

The portrait of which Indian King finds a place in the NASA HQ?

Tipu Sultan (He was the first king to use rocketry in warfare0.

When was Indian King Tavern created?

Indian King Tavern was created in 1750.

Is it possible to alone king in Indian chess?

No. In Indian chess a bare king is a loss or a draw, depending on local variants.

Who was the first the king of the Khmer Empire?

Southeast Asia had been dominated by Indian culture. By the sixth century, invaders from Java began taking control there. In 802 AD, Jayavarman II became the first Khmer king.

Who was the first Indian on earth?

The First Indian

Is King Tutankhamun a Indian?

No. He was Egyptian.

Is Martin Luther King Indian?