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his parents were Demetri Allan and Louise Jeffrey

they were benard frobisher and don york

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Q: Who was martin Frobisher's parents?
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What was the purpose of Martin Frobishers exploration?

because he was married to the queen and he wanted to make her happy.

What careers did Martin Frobisher have?

He was a navigator. Navigator : Travel often on sea and search for new routes, land, make religon, find new products, trade etc..

What was Martin Frobisher childhood like?

hi Caroline!!Sir Martin Frobishers childhood was mostly spent on ships. He was placed in the care of a kinsman at a young age. At 10 years old he began to take riding lessons from his father. Soon young Martin Frobisher was an excellent horseman, as he competed in several different competitions at the huntseat division and won.Soon he took to the water. At the young age of 13 he took his first voyage alone with only his dog Skippy. He was a natural shipsman and could live off of the land. Later when Frobisher was 15 he started courting Caroline Braebender, of whom was soon stolen by the notorious Tom Dustin, a pirate who could play the steel pans, (also called the steel drums).Upon this tragedy, Martin threw himself into schoolwork. Only to find a horrible teacher called Kristy Sharpe waiting for him. She relentlessly tore at him to find every mistake he made. However, Frobisher talked to his math teacher, Dakota McMillan who helped by talking to Kristy.After graduating, Martin relied on the practice from after his classes to become a soldier. One of his friends, Wilson Zietlow supported him by becoming a soldier too. The Frobishers had a long line of military awards, and Martin quickly lived up to his ancestors. Then, at 19, Martin got an interest in exploring.What helped him find a new topic was probably the fact that his friend had run off with a girl named Cheyenne. Soon Martin was left alone, so he began to explore new countries on his ship until he discovered a new continent: ANTARCTICA!!p.s. these characters are based on real live people. :)ALL OF THIS IS NOT TRUE ! YOU CANT USE FAKE NAMES ! YOU SHOULDN'T MAKE THINGS UP BECAUSE PEOPLE DO USE IT FOR RESEARCH EVEN THOUGH THEY SHOULDN'T !

What are facts about Martin frobisher?

martin frobisher had two wives

Were Martin Cash a hero or a villain?

Martin Cash was a villain.