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Sacajawea,luis and Clark were in the expedition!

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Q: Who was on the Luis and Clark Expodition?
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Lewis and clark expodition?

expodition which helped lead to westard expantion

When did did the Lewis and Clark expedition end?

The Lewis and Clark expodition ended in 1806

When did the expedition of Lewis and clark end?

The Lewis and Clark expodition ended in 1806

What is the importance of William clark?

He led the expodition with lewis and scagowea.

How did Sacagawea make a difference in your country?

she helped louis and clark on thier expodition.

How long was sacagewea on the louiseand clark expodition?

more than 250 years ago

Why do you think that the members in the Lewis and clark expodition were willing to endure the hardships?

They were wondering what was beyond the Mississippi River as well.

Which expodition arrived at the Pacific Ocean in 1805?

Lewis and Clark set out to explore the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and came back in 1806 this is called the Louis and Clark Expedition.

What did Lewis and clark do in the expodition?

They described the "New" land, recording EVERYTHING about it- from the types of animals to the temperture. - 5th Grader Emma C.

When did Luis and Clark travel?


Were Luis and clark pathfinders?

They were pathfinders! Luis is actually called undoubtedly the greatest pathfinder this country has ever seen.

When did Luis and Clark go on their expedition?

1802 they sailed the ocean blue!