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Christopher Colombus

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Q: Who was sponsored to find a western route to the east indies?
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Who was sponsored to find a western route to east indies?

Christopher Colombus

Who found water route in the east indies?

De gama

Was Christopher Columbus looking for Asia or India?

Yes, he did. He was actually searching for a western sea route to Asia. He thought he could reach the East Indies this way.

Where did the dutch trade route go to?

Mainly to the east: East Indies (present Indonesia), Japan, Sri Lanka.

Why are the Caribbean islands often referred to as the west Indies?

The direction refers to the direction that one must travel FROM EUROPE to arrive. You must go west to the West Indies and east to the East Indies. Before Columbus' discovery he was trying to find a route to India and/or the East Indies. At the time of his discovery trade for Far East items like silk and spices involved several steps from source to destination making the products very expensive and very slow to obtain. Had Columbus been successful the Europeans could have gone directly to the source, purchased precisely what they wanted, without a markup for any intermediary, and returned home with product in a relatively short period of time. A direct ocean route around Africa to the East indies was found by Vasco de Gama for the Portuguese in 1498.

Why did the rulers of Spain want a shorter route the the east indies?

To get silk and spices

Why did the Spanish come to the Americas?

They were looking for a shorter route to India and China.They made landfall in the west indies in an attempt to find the western passage through to the east indies. It was an accident which became profitable.

The middlemen whom the Europeans hoped to eliminate by finding a direct route to India and the East Indies were the?

the arabs

How was the new world discovered?

The New World was discovered by ships. Traders were looking for an easier route to the east indies.

Where were the East Indies located?

The East Indies are Indonesia.

Who was the discoverer of a sea route to the east indies?

it was Phyo min Nathan born Burma twenty sixth July 2001.

What was Columbus's primary goal in his search for a direct water route to Asia?

t find the spice islands in the east indies