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Koran was first written down during the rule of Abu Bakr, the first Khalifa. Uthman bin Afan, the third khalifa, ordered the duplication of this issue when people started mispronounce the words of Koran. He wanted people to have a reference.

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The written Quran (Koran, Qur'an) was written by Muhammad when he was just 40 years old. This was after the revelation of Gabriel the angel who gave the instruction for him to write the message from God that was addressed to all people.

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Okay let's get this straight: Allah is the one who created the Quran. Not a human being.It is not man's words it is God's words.

However, when a number of Muslim scholars died in the battle of Yamama, and there was a fear that the Quran won't exist without any formal written format - the third caliph - Omar ordered to compile it down, and that was within 30 years of Muhammad's death.

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Abu Bakr

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Q: Who was the Muslim leader that ordered the writing of the Koran?
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