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Q: Who was the Russian leader that gave nobles power over peasants?
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Who did nobles have power over in the middle ages?

Under Tenants had power over the peasants

Russian nobles who held great power in Russia?

The tzar's were nobles up until 1917 that held the power in Russia.

What makes them nobles in the medieval ages?

they are noble, richer, better, stronger in power, owner of lands, better then peasants.

Why would both Russian serfs and Russian nobles want reform?

Russian serfs wanted reform to improve their living conditions, gain more rights, and alleviate their burdensome obligations to the nobles. Russian nobles wanted reform to modernize the economy, increase their power and influence, and compete more effectively with Western European countries.

What happened to the emperor and nobles during the 1000s?

In the 1000s, the emperors and nobles started to lose power due to the popularity of the feudal system. The citizens once ruled by the emperor became nobles and peasants and Samurais became very popular.

What was the primary economic system of medieval Europe?

The social structure was mainly made up of the nobles, the merchants, and the peasants. The nobles were granted land by the king and they have peasants working under them. Later on there are more titles in between, like Baron, Lord, Knights, etc. The merchants are wealthier than the peasants but don't have as much power as the nobles, thus making them middle class.

Are Nobles lofty and financially well-to-do citizens who carried much power within the community?

according to my research, peasants were so poor they ate stews and soups and could not afford luxurious meals that nobles could.

Why did the Romanovs enacte strict laws to prevent peasants from running away?

The Romanovs enacted strict laws to prevent peasants from running away because they depended on the labor of the peasants to sustain their economy and maintain their power. If too many peasants fled, the agricultural system would collapse, leading to economic and social upheaval. Keeping peasants tied to the land ensured a stable source of labor and income for the feudal system.

The dictatorial Russian leader who took power after Lenin was?

Joseph Stalin

Did King Arthur support feudalism?

Yes, as did everybody else in power at that time. He wanted to keep his peasants and nobles in line like any other king.

Do nobles have power over anyone else?

Well lords had power over nights and nights had power over peasants. The lords and nights lived in manners. lords would tax nights and nights would tax peasants peasants would pay in money and crops. In the medieval times there was a system called The Feudal System the monarch (king) was at the top then the bishops and lords next was the nights and lower clergy and then at the bottom the peasants.

Who established a tradition of absolute power for the Russian monarchy?

Mongol rulers modeled absolute power for later Russian rulers. Ivan the Great started the autocrat style of ruling in Russia when he tried to limit the power of the boyars (great landowning nobles).