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Morarji Desai was the first non-congress president of India.

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2015-01-30 22:17:45
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Q: Who was the first non congress president of India?
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Who was the first foreigner to receive Bharat Ratna Award?

Though there is a controversy that Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan was the first foreign recipient, he was the first non-Indian citizen who received Bharat Ratna.Nelson Mandela was the Second non-citizen and the first non-Indian awarded Bharata Ratna. He got this award in 1990.

Why was India one of Britain's dependent colonies?

Because they were ruled by the British. Dependent colonies are where a few European officials ruled non-European people.

What is importance of non cooperation movement?

i) provided a national base to the congress n Indian mass. ii)it undermined the power n prestige of the british govt. iii)repression failed to crush the spirit of the people. iv)gandhi was determined to emancipate the poor and the oppressed. v)another positive achievementwas the Hindu-Muslim unity. vi)weapon of satyagraha n non cooperation changed the character of congress overnight

Why did the round table conferences fail?

The round table conference stood little chance of success.Lord Irwin was replaced as Viceroy by Lord Willington,who was much less prepared to make concessions.In places the non-cooperation movement restarted and willington responded by having congress leaders , including Gandhi and Nehru, arrested. Jinnah had gone into voluntary exile, disillusioned with the lack of progress being made. Lack of Cordination for which British stood Advantages as they declared that India was not ready to rule as a nation as ther were so many conflicts with in every Indian. It was difficult for the conference to make progress without Congress.

Who was the first non-Indian to receive bharat ratna?

khan abdul ghaffar khan

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