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Morarji Desai was the first non-congress president of India.

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Q: Who was the first non congress president of India?
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Who is the priminaster of USA?

There is no Prime Minister in the U.S.A., The President of the USA is an Executive President. That means he sets in motion the laws and acts of congress. The president arbitrarily appoints a Secretary of State, A Defence Secretary, A Finance Minister, nd a Home Affairs Secretary. The president is elected into office, The various secretaries are appointed at his request. When the president leaves office, then these various appointments also styand down. Other countries have a non-executive president, where upon a Prime Minister is appointed. As republics, The USA and France have executive head of state (presidents). However, The Republic of Ireland and Germany have non-executive head of state(presidents) . In Ireland there is a Prime Minister, and in Germany the prime minister is called the 'Bundes Kancellar'. (State Chancellor).

Why was India one of Britain's dependent colonies?

Because they were ruled by the British. Dependent colonies are where a few European officials ruled non-European people.

What is importance of non cooperation movement?

i) provided a national base to the congress n Indian mass. ii)it undermined the power n prestige of the british govt. iii)repression failed to crush the spirit of the people. iv)gandhi was determined to emancipate the poor and the oppressed. v)another positive achievementwas the Hindu-Muslim unity. vi)weapon of satyagraha n non cooperation changed the character of congress overnight

Why did the round table conferences fail?

The round table conference stood little chance of success.Lord Irwin was replaced as Viceroy by Lord Willington,who was much less prepared to make concessions.In places the non-cooperation movement restarted and willington responded by having congress leaders , including Gandhi and Nehru, arrested. Jinnah had gone into voluntary exile, disillusioned with the lack of progress being made. Lack of Cordination for which British stood Advantages as they declared that India was not ready to rule as a nation as ther were so many conflicts with in every Indian. It was difficult for the conference to make progress without Congress.

What was the significance and the consequences of the Quit India Movement?

the quit India movement affected many aspects of both british and Indian lifestyles. Politics were affacted because congress were all arrested and therefore during world war 2 congress almost ceased to exist. On top of this congress was declared illegal so there was no hope of others taking over from the imprisoned congress leaders. this let the Muslim league gain power and support from mainly Muslim populated areas. This therefore let the Muslim league have more say when it came to descision making with the British raj. Therefore eventually leading and contributing to the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan. People were also affected because of the wide spread attacks on british people and on any building or structure which showed colonialism. Railway stations, telephone lines, police offices and post offices were attacked and destroyed by protests which were supposted to be peaceful. Gandi had condoned peaceful protests as the way forward but after his arrest on the morning of the campaign and the arrest of the rest of congress high command the protesters became angry and turned violent. One person inparticular was against Gandhi and this was Subas Chandra Bose and he believed that Ganhis idea of non violence was not the way to go and so he teamed up with the axis powers of ww2 (Germany, Italy and japan). He took a much more millitant approach and so formed the forward bloc.He was arrested and then escaped and went to nazi Germany. The Germans sent him to Singapore to recruit Indian prisoners of war. He then built up the INA - Indian national army who would fight with Japan against India from Burma. The wide spread rioting opened the gate for British repression. The British sent 30,000 troops into India to restore law and order. This could not be done easily and infact in some cases was dealt with brutaly and caused around a thousand deaths. Already mentioned was the imprisonment of congress to take away the leaders of the campaign and Gandhi remained in prison until 1944 and Nehru was put in prison, released and rearested in 1945. The government also declared congress illegal and stopped all there funds to cut them off completely. Lastly the economy was affected because the British had to spend precious money sending troops into India to fight there own internal battles rather than sending troops to fight in the war against Germany. This could potentially have jeopodised Britains war situation. Secondly the rioting in the major cities of India like Bihar, caused supplies for British troops to become blocked making it increasing harder for the troops to protect the east boarder of India from the ever closer Japanese, and to continue trying to restore order and peace.

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Which state of India is first non congress state?


Who was the first non Indian president of Indian National Congress?

george yule a scottish business man was first non indian president of inc

In which state was the first non congress government set up in independent India?


First non-congress government in state of independent India?

kerala in 1967

India saw its first non-congress government at the center?

Centre saw its first non-congress government in 1977. Janta Dal led by Moraji Desai won the elections and formed the government.

Who is the India's first non congress prime minister?

Morarji Desai from Janata Party in 1977-79

Is nehru Gandhi was the first president of India?

Nehru and Gandhi were two different persons. First president of India was Dr. Rajendra Prasad. First Prime Minister of India was Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the nation, known worldwide for his non-violence.

What were the two non-congress ministries states of india in 1937?

Bengal And Punjab

What is the position of president in India?

He is the Non-executive Head of Republic.

When was Non-Aligned Movement created?

The non aligned movement was conceived by General Josip Broz Tito,the first President of Yogoslavakia. It was started by five head of states in Belgrade in 1961: 1. Jawarhar Lal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India 2. General Josip Broz Tito,Yogoslavia First President 3 Gambel Abdel Naseer,First President Egypt 4 Sukarno ,First President of Indonesia 5 Kwame Nukurmah,First President of Ghana

Who is the prime Manister of india?

NARENDRA MODI The incumbent prime minister of India is Narendra Modi who has headed the BJP-led NDA government since 26 May 2014, is India's first non-Congress single party majority government.

Which President of India was also the Secretary General of Non-aligned Movement for some period?

Giani Zail Singh (Punjabi: May 5, 1916 - December 25, 1994) was an Indian politician and member of the Congress Party. He served as the seventh President of India. He was the President of India during Operation Blue Star, the assassination of Indira Gandhi, and the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.July 25, 1982 - July 25, 1987Secretary General of Non-Aligned Movement1983-1986by hemanth.k