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Asians crossing the "land bridges" seems to be the currently accepted "story".

It was the Native Americans, but the Europeans took it from us/them.

Native Americans found America first!

The Phoenicians, I think.

Carthaginian explorers have sailed to the "New World".

The Carthaginians were closely linked to the Phoenicians of the Middle East in terms of origin, culture, language, and naval enterprise.

Both peoples are widely credited with significant sailing exploits through the Mediterranean, to the British Isles, and along the coast of Africa.

During studies of ancient coins, McMenamin was able to interpret the design as a representation of the Mediterranean, surrounded by the land masses of Europe and Africa, with, to the upper left, the British Isles.

To the far left of the representation of the Mediterranean is what the geologist believes is a depiction of the Americas. A number of classical texts bolster this theory. McMenamin's interest in Carthage led him to master the Phoenician language. He has published two pamphlets on his work regarding the Carthaginian coins. One is written in ancient Phoenician, representing probably the first new work in that language in 1500 years.

Additional study "may well" reveal that it was Punic explorers not Europeans who "discovered" the New World.

The first European was Captain James Cook.
Leif Ericson

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The first human to discover the Americas was an Asian nomad hunter whose name is not known.

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Q: Who was the first person to discover the Americas?
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Polynesians did not discover the Americas. The Polynesians primarily settled in the islands of the Pacific Ocean and did not have extensive contact with the American continents. It was the Indigenous peoples of the Americas who were the first to inhabit and discover the land.

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