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It's impossible to tell, people have been sitting on things other than the ground that you would call a chair for longer than we have been recording history.

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Q: Who was the first person to sit in a chair?
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How does a person sit in a chair without falling threw the chair?

A person would sit on a chair without falling threw by having a seat on it and if there isn't too much weight on it.

Where does the first chair cello sit?

The first chair 'cello sits to the right of the conductor.

How do you get a tired person to sit on a chair?

Threaten violence as the only alternative.

When you sit in a chair it does what to you?


What does chair mean symbolically?

yes chair is the symbol of personal status, if a person seating on a big magnificent chair in a meeting symbolised his greatness importance and a person seating on a simple chair says that he/she is just an ordinary person.

How is a chair different from a desk?

You sit ON a chair, you sit AT a desk.

What is sit- in?

a sit in is when you sit in a chair

You sit on the chair or in the chair?

It is on the chair not in the chair you do not say in am sitting in the chair although you do you saiy I'm sitting on the the chair, an dchairwould be like a stool if you havent got a back rest or anthing whereas if it is a fully arm chair then it is in the chair because you are sitting down with a cover surrounding you back!

How do you do a chair sit?

You sit on a chair by sitting on it! It is not hard, unless if you have a difficulty.

Average weight of person that can sit on chair?

It's 3/4 of your actual weigh

What is salumpuwet in tagalog?

"Salumpuwet" in Tagalog refers to a chair or a seat where a person can sit on.

Where do violinists sit?

In an orchestra, violinists sit at the left hand of the conductor. The leftmost chair is called the 'first chair violinist', and to the right of that chair is the 'second chair violinist'. Sometimes, the conductor turns over rehearsal leadership to the first chair violinist.