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Jyotirao Pule was the founder of Satyashodhak Samaj.

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Q: Who was the founder of the Satyashodhak Samaj?
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What was the mouthpiece of satyashodhak samaj?

din bandhu

Who is the founder of Veda Samaj?

Sridharalu Naidu was the founder of veda samaj .

Who were the Founder of Prathana samaj and Arya samaj?


Who was the founder of bahujan samaj?


Who is the founder of bharat sevak samaj?

mahatma gandhi

Who was FOUNDER of arya samaj?

Swami Dayanand Saraswati

When was Satyashodhak Communist Party created?

Satyashodhak Communist Party was created in 1978.

Who was the founder of prarthana samaj?

mahadev govind ranade

Who was the founder of Arya Mahila Samaj?

Arya Samaj was founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati in the year 1875

Who is the author of satyartha prakash?

Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj.

Details of satyashodhak samaj?

Satyashodhak Samaj is a religion established by Mahatma Jyotirao Phule on September 24, 1873. This was started as a group whose main aim was to liberate the social Shudra and Untouchables castes from exploitation and oppression.[1][2]Through his writings and activities Mahatma Phule always condemned Hinduism and the privileged status of priests in it. He openly condemned the inequality in the religious books, orthodox nature of religion, exploitation of masses by the means of it, blind and misleading rituals, and hypocrisy in the prevalent religion.While condemning the prevalent religion, Phule established Satyashodhak Samaj with the ideals of human well being in broader aspects, human happiness, unity,equality, and easy religious principles and rituals.[2]His movement was kept alive by Shahu Maharaj, Krantisinha Nana Patil and many other leaders after him. A H Salunkhe is one of the prominent activists related to this society today.

Which Indian leader gave the slogan'India for Indians'?

Swami Dayanand Saraswathi Founder of Arya Samaj.