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Q: Who was the french lexicographer who founded a publishing house in 1852?
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In what year was Methuen Publishing founded?

The British publishing house Methuen Publishing was founded in the year 1889 by Sir Algernon Methuen. It didn't begin publishing until 1892 in London.

When was Morano - publishing house - created?

Morano, a publishing house specializing in music scores, was founded in 1816 in Paris, France.

What is the name of the publishing company founded by Louise Hay?

Louise Hay founded her publishing company, Hay House, in 1990. The headquarters for Hay House is located in Carlsbad, California. Hay House has 92 employees.

When was Random House Children's Books created?

Random House Publishing was founded in 1927. They were the company that published Dr. Seuss.

When was the company Lippincott founded?

J.B. Lippincott and Company was a publishing house that was founded in 1836 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. J.B. Lippincott and Company was founded by Mr. Joshua Ballinger Lippincott.

When was Edizioni Piemme born?

Edizioni Piemme was founded in 1999. It is an Italian publishing house based in Milan, specializing in fiction and non-fiction books.

Who is the oldest publishing house?

Could someone help complete a list of the top, say 25 oldest and still operating publishing houses? Any oldest that I may have missed? 1. Schwabe "Founded in 1488 by Johannes Petri and is the oldest publishing house still in business" ( 2. Cambridge University Press (UK, 1534) ( 3. Brill (The Netherlands, 1683)

How long has Lulu been publishing works?

Lulu is a publishing house, based in North Carolina, USA. Founded in 2002, it has published over 1.1 million titles by authors in many countries and territories.

When was Rodionov Publishing House created?

Rodionov Publishing House was created in 1994 in Russia. It is known for publishing a variety of religious and educational materials.

What is the french fashion house founded by the couturier gabrielle coco channel?


When was Humanitas publishing house created?

Humanitas publishing house was created in 1990.

When was Academia - publishing house - created?

Academia - publishing house - was created in 1922.