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The last King to rule France was Louis0Philippe (1830-1848) but he was King of the French, NOT King of France. The last person officially designated King of France was Charles X (1824-1830)

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Q: Who was the last king of France and when did he reigh?
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Who was the last french king and when did he die?

Officially, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. They were the last real King and Queen of France. After the Napoleonic period (who turned France into an empire), the French monarchy was restored for some time, but only as a constitutional monarchy, meaning there were a King and Queen of France, but only in name. It was purely a title and they had no real reigning power. The last king and queen of that constitutional monarchy were Louis Philippe I and Maria Amalia (Marie Antoinette's niece).

Why was Louis the sixteenth famous?

Because he was the last King of France and because the was executed by his own people.

Were there any kings of France after Louis XVI?

Officially, Louis XVI was the last real King of France of the old regime. He was the last King of France with actual reigning power. After him, Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself emperor of France, so then France was an empire. After Napoleon, the monarchy in France was restored, and Louis XVIII (a.k.a. Comte de Provence, the bother of Louis XVI) became King of France, but he had no reigning power, being only a King in name since the old regime had been abolished in 1792. After him, his brother became King, King Charles X (a.k.a. Comte de Artois, another brother of Louis XVI). After him, Louis Philippe (the cousin of King Charles X) became King. After them, France turned into a Republic and had presidents.

Who was the King of France during Jacques Cartiers time?

The king of France was King Francios the 1st.

Who was King Louis XIII?

The King of France before the French Revolution.

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The reigh of terror is associated with what country?


The last king in France?

The last real King of France (meaning: with actual reigning power) was King Louis XVI of France.

Was Louis xv of France the last king of France?

No, the last king of France was Louis-Philippe the Ist. He reigned from 1830 to 1848.

Who is the king of France 2011?

France is a Republic. The last king was overthrown in 1848.

What was the last king of France which is overthrown in 1792?

the king of France overthrown in the year1792 was Louis XVI

What was the number of the last King Louis to be King of France?


Who was King Louis XVI of France.?

He was the last absolute monarch of France.

Who was the last person that Leonardo da Vinci worked for?

King Francois I of France.

When did John Dooley Reigh die?

John Dooley Reigh died in 1915.

What was Leonardo da Vinci's last design?

King Francis for the king of France

Who reined after King Louie xvi in France?

No one. The absolute monarchy was abolished due to the French Revolution. King Louis was the last king of France.

Who was the king and queen of Paris?

King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were the last King and Queen of France if that helps