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this belief was prevalent even before man could write thus it is impossible to find out the answer

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Q: Who was the man who came up with the theory that the world was flat?
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Why the Pythagorean Theory got his name?

the Pythagorean Theorem got its name from the man Pythagoras who came up with the theory.

Who was the greek man who first came up with the theory of particles?

John Dalton

Origin of man on biblical theory?

Well there's the big bang theory then evolution which is scientifically proven also various religious beliefs regarding how man and the world was created for example christians belive that god created the world and mankind

What created human kind?

This question has been debated for many years. There are two theories, a religious theory and an evolution theory. The religious theory states that man kind was created by god. The other theory is that man kind came about through evolution.

When was A Flat Man created?

A Flat Man was created in 1998.

Who was the man who came up with plate tectonics?

Alfred Wegener was the first to publish his theory although other people thought it

Which came first Pac-Man or Galaga?

It is Galaga it was made in 1979 and Pac-man was made a year after (1980)

Why did people stop believing the world was flat?

No one said it. This is another one of those myths about history. Man never really thought it was flat.

Who came up with the world cup?

It was the french man Jules Rimet.

What impact did Charles Darwin have on the world of science?

Charles Darwin came up with not only the theory of evolution but also the theory of natural selection. Darwin met much controversy for his assertion that man evolved from a lesser animal species because it contradicted the then-accepted religious explanation of human creation by God.

What is 'Able Man's theory' practiced by sophists?

what is able man theory

Where did physics came from?

It came from the mind of man. Man observing his world around him, noticing cause and effect, then inventing a language (mathematics) for describing these cause and effect relations. Without man, there is no physics in the universe.