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Q: Who was the most powerful nation in Europe in the mid sixteenth century?
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How did Spain become Europe's richest and most powerful nation in the sixteenth century and then fell into a equally dramatic decline during the seventeenth century?

Mexicans decided to build a trade company and sell it for cash crops in return. They kept this process going until they were very wealthy and they still do this process today.

What was the most powerful nation in Europe during the 1500s was?

What was the most powerful nation in europe during the 1500s was

Which European nation had the most powerful navy?

Great Britain was the most powerful sea faring nation in Europe.

Who was the richest and most powerful nation in Europe?

either Spain or the UK.

In the early 20th century what nation replaced Britain as the leading industrial nation in Europe?


Who was becoming a powerful industrial nation in the late nineteenth century?


What nation in the nineteenth century unification upset the balance of power in Europe?


Who were the Denkyiras?

The Denkyira were a nation that lived in Agona now known as Ghana. The nation consisted of Akon people. The nation was powerful over their trades with Europe and with the gold.

Its prevalence nearly sunk Jamestown colony?

most powerful nation in the world during the 16th century

The preeminent European maritime power in the fifteenth century was?

Actually, there were several powerful maritime powers, even in Europe. In the Eastern Mediterranean, the Ottoman Empire had a navy that arose during the 15th century and was probably the greatest power of the area by the end. Genoa had lost most of its maritime ability by the 15th century. Venice were quite powerful at the time, especially early in the 15th century, and was still challenging the Ottoman Turks at the end of it. Portugal was developing as a powerful maritime nation in the Atlantic Ocean. In the Baltic, the most powerful organization of the 15th century was the Hanseatic League.

What was powerful political idea of the 1800 that upset the balance of power in Europe?


How was Spain able to beat the early civilizations of the Americas?

In 1491, no European knew that North and South America existed. By 1550, Spain - a small kingdom that had not even existed a century earlier - controlled the better part of two continents and had become the most powerful nation in Europe. In half a century of brave exploration and brutal conquest, both Europe and America were changed forever.