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ottawan van biskmark

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Q: Who was the prussian prime minister who created a united German empire?
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Which war led the created of the German state?

The Franco-Prussian War in 1870-1871 led to the creation of the German state. It concluded with the defeat of France by Prussia and its allies, resulting in the unification of various German states into the German Empire, with Wilhelm I of Prussia being proclaimed as Kaiser.

What best describes the German constitution for the German Empire founded in 1870?

Firstly, the (second) German Empire was proclaimed in 1871 (following the Franco-Prussian war) and secondly, what are the options?

Did the French win the Franco-Prussian war?

NO. The German Empire (led by the Prussians) were the unambiguous winners.

When was Alpenkorps - German Empire - created?

Alpenkorps - German Empire - was created in 1915.

Prussian king who was crowned the first emperor of the newly formed German empire in 1871?

William 1

What country seized Alsace-Lorraine in 1871?

It was taken by the German Empire at the end of the Franco-Prussian War.

What were the beginnings of the German empire?

The establishment of the German empire began in 1871. During the Franco - Prussian war, four southern states agreed to unification with Prussia. In January of 1871, at Vesailles, Bismarck proclaimed William I as the emperor or " Kaiser" of the new German empire.

List the Prussian values and assets that caused the Second German Empire to become the strongest European state?

the southern German states had agreed to enter the north German confederation. on January 18, 1871, Bismarck and six hundred German princes, nobles, and generals filled the hall of mirrors in the palace of Versailles's, 12 miles outside Paris's. William I of Prussia was proclaimed kaiser, or emperor, of the second German empire. German unity had been achieved by the Prussian monarchy and the Prussian army. The authoritarian and militaristic values of Prussia were triumphant in the new German state.

When was XIV Corps - German Empire - created?

XIV Corps - German Empire - was created in 1871.

When was XVIII Corps - German Empire - created?

XVIII Corps - German Empire - was created in 1899.

What empire is west Prussian in?

West Prussia was a province of the German Empire until 1918, when some parts were given to Poland, and 1945, when its totality was included in Poland.

What year did the German states form one nation?

In January 1871 the German Empire was proclaimed in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles during the Franco-Prussian War.