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The Workers.

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Q: Who was the target audience of Lenin and his revolutionary actions?
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What did Lenin have to do to achieve his revolutionary?


The leader of the Bolsheviks was?

Bolshevik revolutionary leader was Leon Trotsky

Was Lenin kicked out of school?

Lenin was expelled from Kazan University for his revolutionary activities and speeches.

Who was Vladimir Lenin's wife?

Vladimir Lenin married to Nadezhda Krupskaya in 1898

According to Lenin Why must revolutionary activities be centralized?


Russian Revolutionary who took control of government in November 1917?


Why was Vladimir Lenin expelled from Kazan University?

Lenin had a reputation for revolutionary activities especially after his older brother was executed for attempting to assassinate Tsar Alexander III. As time went on he got more and more active as a revolutionary so it expelled him.

What were the origins of Lenin's revolutionary ideas?

There were two basic origins. One was the execution of his older brother when Lenin was a teenager for plotting against the life of Tsar Alexander III, the father of Tsar Nicholas II. The other was the revolutionary philosophy of Karl Marx. Lenin became a dedicated Marxist.

Who was the Russian Revolutionary leader named Nikolai?

Vladimir Lenin was also known as Nikolai Lenin. He wrote some articles under that name.

Which Russian communist revolutionary transformed Russia into the USSR in 1922?

Vladimir Lenin

Who is the Russian revolutionary whose body was preserved and put on display?

Vladimir I Lenin.

Who was the Russian revolutionary leader during World War I?

Vladimir Lenin was the Russian revolutionary leader at the end of World War 1.