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The Game is bluish green and a half

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Q: Who wass the first empire of china?
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What was first to rule china?

The first empire was Qin.

Why was the Han Dynasty known as china's golden age?

it was the first empire in china

What were the main internal causes of empire's decline?

i think it wass because

What was the name of China's first great empire?

Well the Shang dynasty was the first known civilization in china, so hope that helps. :]

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What was the first European colony in China?

Macau, which belonged to the portuguese empire!

What is true about the qin dynasty?

It was China's first great unified empire.

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Where did the name China originate?

The name "China" is derived from the Qin Empire (pronounced "chin"), founded by Qin Shih Huangdi, the first uniter of China.