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The men above 25 years of age who paid taxes equal to at least 3 days of a laborers wage were given the status of active citizens and were given the right to vote.

Where as the others were considered passive citizens and were not entitled to vote.

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Q: Who were active and passive citizens in the french revolution?
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How did us citizens feel about french revolution?

Having just won the American revolution they were "with" their French brothers.

What was the inferior social status in the french revolution?

The Bourgeois were the non-wealthy. Typically merchant class, investors, professions such as lawyers or doctors.There was also a distinction of passive and active class based on taxes paid. Only active citizens could vote. They also formed the National Guard. Passive citizens were "inferior".The Sans-culottes (those without pants) were the poor masses of Paris.Then there was the plain peasant class that was about 90% of the population at the time.Other than the active class, the privilaged few of France at the time included the royalty class of the House of Bourbon, followed by the noble houses with title, then the 'Ci-devant' nobility (from before).

Who was the French general who was involved in the American Revolution and played an active part in the early stages of the French Revolution?

the Marquis de Lafayette

What conflict was fought to secure basic rights for French citizens froma despotic king?

French revolution

Who were active participants in fighting during the french revolution?

the Enlightment thinkers

Why was the French Revolution important to future citizens?

It granted them basic human rights.

What conflict was fought to secure basic right for french citizens from a despotic king?

The American Revolution was fought to secure basic rights for French citizens from a despotic king.

What impact did the Tennis Court Oath have on the French Revolution?

The Tennis Court Oath was important to the French Revolution as it signified the first time that French citizens were opposed to the King, Louis XVI's orders.

What happend on July 14?

1789 - French Revolution: citizens of Paris storm the Bastille.

Napoleon Bonaparte during the French Revolution?

He had very little input into the Revolution but was active in ending Royalist counter revolutions.

How did french citizens react to the Americans invading the Ohio frontier during the American revolution?

The French citizens did not like that the Americans were invading the Ohio frontier. However, they ultimately surrendered to the American forces.

What are the characteristics of the french revolution?

Education which caused so long preserved of the family and the Church was taken over by the Republican State. Secondly Education was turn into duty for all citizens.